Health and Wellness Counseling is an exciting and proven innovation in healthcare and nutrition. We do not practice as nutritionists or dieticians. We are not doctors or nurses. Our approach is unique. I have studied physiology, nutrition, biochemistry, and the nature of food. I have studied the impact of stress, mindset/attitude, and lifestyle choices on our bodies. Most importantly, I have studied functional medicine and how all of these elements work together in determining our quality of life – whether we live with ease and vitality or dis-ease.
— Tracy Harrison, Founder of The School of Applied Functional Medicine

My goal is to help clients to become happier and healthier, permanently.

I believe that the body has an innate, in fact, unstoppable, ability to heal itself (even in many situations that appear hopeless) if it has what it needs:

Maximize the good stuff. Put in what’s needed. Raw materials your body needs to function and heal (e.g., vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, healthy fats).

Minimize the bad stuff. Take out what’s harmful. Toxins, infections, allergens, stress.

Then get out of the way. Create an environment for healing. Sleep. Rest. Laughter/stress reduction. Meaningful relationships.

Believe it or not, optimal health is not complicated, let me show you how.

It’s like a puzzle, a detective game. The difficult part is figuring out what puzzle pieces are missing and then fitting all the right pieces into the puzzle of our existing habits. I use principles of functional medicine to explore and uncover the root causes of your health struggles. I often encourage you to pursue more comprehensive or specialty lab testing to uncover fundamental issues via biochemical markers. Modern medicine today focuses on specialties: if you have a hormone problem, you are referred to an endocrinologist; a stomach issue, a gastroenterologist; depression, a psychiatrist; a skin condition, a dermatologist. It’s almost as though we believe our body parts are separate, disconnected. But they are not! Every one of our organs and body systems affect all of the others. Just as our thoughts, our feelings, affect our bodies. Thus, I work with the whole
person and strive to understand how seemingly unrelated body parts or issues are affecting one another. For example, mercury toxicity from your dental work can cause IBS, depression, eczema, and terrible PMS. The solution is to address the mercury toxicity at the root. If you had visited the specialists listed above, you likely would have just come away with four medications to band aid or mask your symptoms. Relief, yes. But no true healing. And you would also have the risk of long-term side effects from all of the drugs.

You can expect your program and support to be:

Individualized. Despite what best-selling health books promote, there is no one magic way of eating that works for everyone. We are all different, special. My programs offer no pre-set program or standardized formula. All solutions are engineered for an individual’s body, health history, goals, lifestyle, and preferences.

Achievable and Sustainable. I do not believe in diets or rigid meal plans to force quick results. While most dieticians dwell on calories, restrictions, and lists of good and bad foods, I work with you to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial. I offer step-by-step, gradual changes allowing clients time to experiment with and adjust to new habits, so they are more likely to remain long-term changes. You get results and, more importantly, ones you can sustain.

Natural. I focus on the body’s ability to heal itself given natural, simple food, supplements, recreation, and stress management choices. I don’t endorse gimmicks, fads, or solutions requiring special products. While some pharmaceutical drugs can blessedly save lives or provide key triage, they are usually poor life-long treatments for chronic illness due to toxicity and/or unintended side effects.

Scientifically Sound. Our bodies are always seeking wellness. If we are unwell, there is a reason – a true root cause. My focus is on understanding and addressing the root causes. I believe many people who have been told “nothing can be done for you” have been misled. I often work in partnerships with clients’ physicians for more extensive medical testing to help uncover the root causes of their discomfort and dis-ease.

Fun and flexible. Laughter, tolerance, creativity, and room for trial-and-error are a key part of client support. I experiment and find what works rather than repeatedly forcing a fixed solution. What doesn’t work or stick for a specific client, I discard and move on to another solution.

Realistic. My goal is persistence, not daily perfection. Life-long habits have to have room for indulgence and “real life” circumstances. I also believe guilt does not have a helpful place in maintaining health. Understanding and empathy for clients is balanced with high expectations and personal accountability.

Positive. I don’t focus on deprivation and denial. I believe food is to be savored and relished as an enjoyable part of life. I focus on adding positive, healthy, and healing
foods, behaviors, and activities to a person’s life. This approach effectively “crowds out” the negative and unhealthy.

Empowering. I believe that we are all capable of managing our own health and wellness. I emphasize education and self-sustaining tools. My goal is for each client to discover and learn healthy habits and skills they may use effectively on their own for the rest of their lives.